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Specialty Coffee Week in Sacramento

Sacramento is proving itself as an industry leader, pushing the boundaries of how we experience coffee.  Our coffee week will showcase the incredible dedication to quality, ethics, and innovation that defines our local specialty coffee community.

Cafe Vidita will be partnering with local roasters to showcase our coffees and our story. Join us at the following events:

Mon., Oct. 13th: Launching the Finca Los Congos Pacamara Natural at Old Soul's Alley location. They will be serving it as pour overs all day, I'll be there from 9 am - 1 pm.

Wed., Oct. 15th: Sourcing Talk about Direct Relationship and the journey from Farm-to-Cup. Hosted by Insight Coffee Roaster's Capitol location. We'll be sharing our experience of building long term relationship through pictures and video of Insight's visit to Nicaragua and we'll be tasting Finca Los Congos coffees from the 2013 and the 2014 harvest.

Thu., Oct. 16th: A Film About Coffee brought to you by Insight Coffee Roasters. Cafe Vidita will be serving coffee from our Finca Los Congos highlighting the Natural process products: (1) Cascara tea made from the dried husk of the coffee fruit and (2) Coffee made from the beans or seeds of the coffee fruit. Join us at the Crest Theatre on K Street.

Sat. Oct. 18th: Art Walk at Old Soul's Alley location.  We'll be sharing the journey of the beans from Farm-to-Cup by displaying photos of Old Soul's visit to origin countries including our farms and mill in Nicaragua.  

Sun. Oct. 19th: History of Coffee. Tiferet Coffee House (3020 H St) in collaboration with Flor de Volcan will be sharing an Ethiopian coffee ceremony and story telling of coffees rich history. 

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