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GREEN COFFEE - current Offerings 

We produce Arabica coffee of different varietals including Pacamara, Caturra, Villa Sarchi, Catuai, Bourbon and Maracaturra.  We are excited with the results from our 2017 - 2018 crop and are happy to bring you a diverse offering of micro-lots from multiple farms, different varietals and processing methods:

Visit us at CropsterHub to purchase green coffee:

  • Available coffees:

    • Los Congos Pacamara : Washed - 7 BAGS

    • Los Congos Caturra : Washed - 10 BAGS

    • Los Congos Villa Sarchi : Washed - 4 BAGS

    • Las Brumas Caturra : Honey - 6 BAGS

    • Las Brumas Caturra : Washed - 17 BAGS

    • Beneficio Santa Lucila Caturra : Natural - 15 BAGS

    • Beneficio Santa Lucila Caturra : Washed - 18 BAGS

    • CASCARA - Coffee Cherry Tea : 30 bags; we sell smaller quantities, visit our online shop.

    • FTO (Fair Trade Organic) certified: 1 container

    • Organic certified: 1 container

  • Sold out coffees:

    • Los Congos Pacamara : Natural

      • Recognized by Coffee Review with 95 points and the 3rd spot of the Top 30 Coffees in 2015 Read the full review.

    • Los Congos Pacamara : Honey

    • Los Congos Villa Sarchi : Natural

    • La Iguana Caturra : Washed

    • La Joya Typica & Caturra: Natural

While we try to keep this list up to date, it's best to contact us to find out the latest list of coffees available. Last updated: 2/28/19.


We are happy to send you coffee samples anywhere in the world. You can visit our online shop and order online and we'll ship the samples to you.  Contact us if you have any questions about our current offering.


We offer a selection of our coffee in smaller quantities for our friends who are roasting smaller batches.  You can visit our online shop and order online and we'll ship it to you.  If you are ordering 30+ pounds and live in the Sacramento/Rocklin or Miami areas, we offer local pickup or delivery to select areas. Contact us to place your order and coordinate pick up or delivery.

Coffee Processes

We process our coffee in the traditional washed method. We also process a limit quantity in the dry/natural method and pulped natural/honey method.  We use both patio and elevated (African) beds to dry our coffee.  

Coffee Preparation

We prepare our micro-lots to European Preparation (EP) standards. We package and export our green coffee in GrainPro/Ecotac bags and 69kg burlap bags. 

We sell our green/raw coffee to partners around the world in varying quantities (from a few pallets to full containers).  Our highest quality micro-lots are usually reserved and pre-sold at origin.  We also import our coffee to the U.S. where we make it available on spot (warehoused in California). We work with long-term contracts for clients with whom we've established a direct relationship.